Jaz, A Cleaning Woman


Producer Jamie York has decade long list of success in public radio. He’s worked with Dave Isay of StoryCorps fame, WNYC, American Radio Works, and Radio Rookies. He’s been at On the Media for six years. And, his first national broadcast was a doosey. In 2002. Jamie co-produced “Mohawk Iron Workers, Walking High Steel” as part of the Kitchen Sisters’ “Sonic Memorial Project.”

But, when Jamie thinks back to his time at Salt and the very first piece he ever produced he wonders “How the hell did I ever get a gig in radio?!”

On this Saltcast, Jamie publicly flogs himself over that first story “Jaz, A Cleaning Woman.”  Frankly, I think the piece is pretty good — a bit rough around the edges, but Jamie’s talent is clearly evident. Have a listen.




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  2. By Emily on Jun 1, 2012

    I had to look up apoplectic, ha.

    It was helpful to hear a piece that is a little rough around the edges and Jamie’s commentary.

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