Remembering the Cole

The USS Cole towed to sea with a hole blown in its side.Photo by Sgt. Don L. Maes, U.S. Marine Corps.


On October 12, 2000, seventeen sailors were killed and dozens injured during an attack on the USS Cole in Yemen. Ten years later, Salt radio grad Matt Ozug produced a segment on the Cole for an hour-long documentary by America Abroad.

Matt was somewhat surprised at how reticent survivors of the attack were to be interviewed. Some had never spoken to the media. So, Matt says he tread lightly in his approach seeking permission for interviews. He says doors opened up when he contacted people via Facebook — a relatively new tool for journalists — and when the Captain of the Cole agreed to be interviewed.

What approaches do you use when first contacting an interviewee? Let us know. Post a thought to the blog. But, before you do, have a listen!

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  2. By ben on Feb 8, 2011


    i really enjoy the saltcast but just wanted to bring to your attention a problem i noticed today.

    i listen to the podcast using the “listen” app on my android phone, recently (last two days) this has been crashing everytime i update my subscriptions, i noticed that the last podcast name to show up on the screen was saltcast, so i removed it from my subscriptions and now it refreshes properly.

    i’m guessing its a problem with the rss data of some kind for this episode. anyway i’d love to continue listening to the podcast in the same way as all my others so hope this problem can be identified soon.

    thanks for your time

  3. By Rob on Feb 9, 2011

    Ben — Thanks! I’ve forwarded your note to the tech people. Hopefully they can fix the problem!!


  4. By robert on Feb 27, 2011

    Ben — I spoke with tech support. They aren’t familiar enough with the listen app on droids. And, I’m afraid I don’t either.

    However, tech support noticed that I had a senile moment and didn’t name the podcast. They wondered if that might gum up the works for you.

    So, I’ve named it (duh!). If you get a free moment and want to re-try it, that would be great. In the meantime, I’ll try to remember to title the posts!

    Thanks. Rob

  5. By ben on Mar 7, 2011


    yes thats fixed it. no more crashes.


  6. By Rob on Mar 7, 2011

    Sweet! Thanks for getting back to me.


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