‘Til Death Do Us Part

A toucan bit my mic once. Another time, a cow licked my mic. I’ve had to wipe fish guts and seaweed from it.

O, the places my mic has taken me.

Just in the last few months, with a microphone leading the way, I’ve been to a Rio de Janeiro ghetto, a nothern Maine historical society, a funeral and a prison in Malawi, and the American Folk Festival in Bangor, Maine. A microphone is a passport.

On this edition of the Saltcast, we hear “‘Til Death Do Us Part” by former Salt radio student Sara Archambault. Sara’s mic took her to a funeral home where she a recorded a body being prepped for burial.

Where has your mic taken you?

Best, Rob


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  2. By Todd Melby on Mar 9, 2011

    My microphone has taken me inside a crematorium disguised as a garage, an NBA locker room full of nearly naked tall guys, a prison, an abandoned school house that smelled like cow manure and hay, a closet full of shoes, a “girl” tossing competition and lots of trips to the offices of college professors.

  3. By Rob on Mar 9, 2011

    I suspect your mic is most satisfied by visits with professors. 🙂 And, love the girl tossing story. Cheers,

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