The Mascot

Amy O’Leary wowing radio students with a four-hour, non-stop, mind dump of storytelling genius.


It all started with a vox pop about cheeseburger fries when she was a student at Salt in 2003. Now, Amy O’Leary is a Deputy Editor at the New York Times working on multi-media stories.

Amy visited Salt this semester and let her mind all-hang-out — narrative, voicing, multi-media storytelling, tips for transcribing — she covered it all.

Amy also spent an hour with me for the Saltcast, taking a knife to a story she produced at Salt. Lots of storytelling nuggets to be had. Have a listen top an epic edition of the Saltcast.

Best, Rob


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  2. By will rogers on Jun 2, 2011

    Where is Tim now?

  3. By Rob Rosenthal on Jun 2, 2011

    Tim’s working as a full-time….. funeral director. 🙂

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