They Emerge in the Dark



Salt Radio has been invaded. Sonically.

The welcome interloper? Radiolab.

Some ten years ago, students arrived at Salt heavily influenced by Ira Glass and Dave Isay. While Ira and Dave continue to inspire, Radiolab’s producers and hosts, Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad, have now wormed their way into the hearts and ears of students. (By wormed, i’m thinking of earworm, fyi.) Inspired by the ear-tingling production values of the program, students are now experimenting with sound design as a tool for storytelling.

Last semester, Lucas Willard listened to his inner-Radiolab and took a stab at creating a Radiolab-esque opening for his story on bed bugs. It’s called “They Emerge At Night” and it’s the feature on this edition of the Saltcast.

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