The Last Saltcast, BUT….


Okay. First and foremost. Do. Not. Panic.

Yes, this is the last Saltcast, BUT….

Saltcast is now HowSound.


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  2. By Sean on Jul 11, 2011

    Hi, Rob. I don’t work in radio. I work for a local news website. I just wanted to let you know I discovered your podcast over a year ago and I’ve found it invaluable as a storyteller.

    In the new media landscape I find myself tinkering with all manner of things, and you’ve really helped me figure out how to tell stories with sound. So there’s on automatic re-subscribe for you.

  3. By robert on Jul 12, 2011

    Sean — Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. Stay tuned for more!


  4. By DAVE V on Oct 4, 2012

    OK, wierd story. In August a couple of years ago I decide to take the Downeaster from Boston to “discover” Portland. It’s a great summer day, I’m just trolling through the waterfront and all of the side and cross streets and I come across this great sign hanging above an office. “The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies”. It is a great hand-carved sign, obviously commissioned and designed with care. I think these must be interesting people. But the door is locked and the sign on the door says “we are closed”, as in gone. I think there were dropoff instructions for UPS and mail. I’m thinking I have to see what these people were all about. Enquiring minds want to know. I take a picture of the sign hanging above the door. Of course now I can’t find it.

    But I found you, living on WBUR in Boston, late at night on PRXRemix. A chance encounter with a sign makes me glad I found the broadcasts. Keep up the good work. I hope someone went back to save the sign.


  5. By robert on Oct 9, 2012

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for writing. The Salt Institute still exists. It moved to 561 Congress Street, a few blocks from the location you originally stumbled upon a few years ago. I don’t know if the sign you speak of still exists but you could contact Salt to find out. Their website is FYI, the Saltcast still exists just in new form — has so for a year and a half. It’s now HowSound and can be found at I hope you can listen to that podcast as well.


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